Small Business SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Whilst getting on the front page of Google’s search results is clearly desirable for any business I was surprised to learn how important the exact positioning is within those results. According to this research on “organic click through rates”, just over 46% of Google users choose the top ranked search result, 29.4% choose the second ranked result and 19.8% click on the website positioned third. Some degree of caution is advised here as I have seen other statistics which are different due to the data sample used and the method of calculation. However, what is true across the board is that the distribution of click through rates is heavily weighted to the top ranking positions within the results. This means that business owners can gain tremendous leverage by working to increase the ranking of their websites (a technique known as Search Engine Optimization). For example, based upon the above statistics a move from position 3 to the number 1 position would more than double your website traffic!

I wonder how many small business entrepreneurs are completely unaware of this?