Making Money Online – Time to Get Internet Savvy?

The speech that Guy Levine gave which I blogged about here prompted me to Google “making money online”. As I typed those words it felt that I was about to welcome scammers into my life. Being naturally sceptical I’ve always suspected that money making schemes are essentially de facto Madoff-type ponzi/pyramid schemes. People selling training courses on money making strategies and their students going on to do the same.  Surely, the inevitable result is a lot of disappointed/disillusioned people? Having said this, I’m also sceptical of my scepticism! So I decided to try to keep an open mind as I worked through the search results.

To cut a long story short I found a video of a successful entrepreneur named Ed Dale explaining all about the 30 Day Challenge.  This is a free training course on making money online.  Free you say?  Well how can I be cynical about that?


Anyway, this all happened in early April and I have just completed the course in the last few days.

Even though I’m not massively set upon solely pursuing online money making strategies, the 30DC was time well spent because even “offline” businesses like restaurants, home ware stores or taxi companies will be aided by an effective online presence. I’m sure many of these businesses get ripped off by so-called Digital Marketing Agencies charging them a fortune for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website maintenance and other internet marketing services.  If these businesses had some basic knowledge of internet marketing I suspect they could save themselves a lot of money.

With 100+ training videos it is not easy to sum up the 30DC but essentially the course runs like this: 1) Systematically find a profitable micro-niche market that people search for on Google but does not have a great deal of competition (I chose “Advanced Guitar Lessons”);  2) Get a domain name, hosting and start a simple blog for that micro-niche;  3) Put an advertisement on that blog from an Affiliate Network (you promote other people’s products and get a share – roughly 5%-50% – of the sales revenue if customers purchase by clicking on the ad on your blog), 4) Promote your blog in the search rankings (using several methods they explain) to get more traffic. 

Some great software tools (also free for the training period) and other useful insights are provided.  Well worth having a look if you feel like getting more internet savvy.  Search for “30 Day Challenge” if you fancy having a look at their site.