Enter the Dragon

A couple of months ago I went along to the launch event for James Cann’s (of UK Dragons’ Den fame) Entrepreneurial Business Academy in London.  £60 well spent.  The day consisted of 6 “Millionaire Mentors” telling their stories of how they because successful. Aside from James Cann himself, who spoke last about how he set up his recruitment company Alexander Mann back in the 80s, a very interesting talk was given by internet entrepreneur Guy Levine.  The self-described “cheeky chappy” from Manchester told how he built an online publishing business which went something like this:-

He noticed that that a lot of internet searches were being done on archery so he posted a question on a related forum asking what questions people would like answering on this topic.  Two weeks later he contacted an Indian outsourcing company who agreed, for a fee of $500, to write a book answering his 50+ questions.  Guy then sold this book online for $49.  As this seemed to go quite well he repeated this process for about 60 other niches and eventually sold the business to a publishing house for a rather lot of money.  It seems he had invented quite a novel (no pun intended) way of publishing as he was effectively finding out what people want to know before publishing as oppose to the conventional model of experts deciding what to write and when trying to sell it! 

Amazing….  A “I wish I’d thought of that” classic!