Business Outsourcing – One Tip

I’ve been watching some videos online by John Reese recently. He is the “outsourcing king” by all accounts. Two of the key advantages of outsourcing are access to specialised services, and of course cost reduction as most tasks are performed in low cost countries. In terms of outsourcing for online businesses, most people are aware of web sites like A worry for many people is poor quality work coming from the workers signed up to these kinds of sites. John Reese reckons a great way around this is to contract someone fulltime in your business which he reckons can be easily done for $500 per month. The rationale is that, compared to the ad-hoc worker performing one-off tasks for you, the fulltime person will have a vested interest in keeping you happy on an ongoing basis. The life of an outsourcer is unstable and their income is usually lumpy. For this reason many will be more than happy to take contracts which have some level of continuity to them.