Article Marketing and Targeted Website Traffic

Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a long running strategy for building targeted website traffic and I have been experimenting with it to promote this site. From my readings around the web it seems that is pretty much the best directory to use. It has a PageRank of 6 out of 10 which means Google considers it very authoritative (perhaps something to do with the fact that each article that is submitted is reviewed manually by a human to ensure quality standards).

Anyway, here is a screenshot of my submitted articles:

Article Marketing and Targeted Website Traffic - Click Through Rate Screenshot

Two interesting points which struck me:

1. The articles which have gained the most views are the ones using the “New Business Ideas” keywords. I targeted this keyword after seeing its popularity on Google Adwords External Keyword Tool (great for looking at how many people search each month for a given keyword).

2. There have been 12 people who have clicked through to Business Virgin Online. Now, I have actually written all of these articles myself but if I had outsourced them say for $5 each then it would have cost me $60 (7 x $5). So based upon this each visitor to my website would have cost me ($60 / 7 =) $8.50! By comparison, the Google Adwords External Keyword Tool estimates the cost of 1 visitor to your site targeted on the search term “new business ideas” would cost $3.89. I’m not giving up article marketing yet but I wonder if it is actually quite an expensive source of traffic.

Any thoughts on this?