Startups – Keeping The Business On Track

According to the Financial Times this business start up has had 10,000 registrations in the first 2 months!  It appears many aren’t wholly satisfied with their jobs in the City.

From a business angle I was most interested in the website’s About Us/Our Values section.  The two founders Dom Jackman and Rob Symington describe 10 tests which they use to keep themselves on track. I especially like #1 “Would Tom Like It?” (Tom is their mythical ideal member). 

I have a friend who works in IT and is always telling me about Test Driven Development.  Before you write the software you define its goals and code up a series of tests.  If the tests “pass” then you know that the software is doing what it is suppose to.  Escape The City have done something similar with their business plan here and I believe this is so valuable.  In any business the day-to-day management issues can become so intoxicating that it is easy to lose sight of your end goals and make poor decisions.  Having some simple predefined tests is a great way to avoid “mission creep” in your business plan.