5 Tips On Generating Free Advertising For Your Business

Generating Free Advertising - Steve Clarke

Generating Free Advertising - Steve Clarke

When I learnt that millionaire entrepreneur Steve Clarke┬áhad generated over $2.5m of free editorial coverage for his company in the United States I decided I couldn’t miss out on his recent conference call on how to achieve this. The call was hosted by Steve and comprised an interview with local newspaper editor Paul Winspear.

Top tips were:

1. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with either the Editor, News Editor or Reporters. Provided you have a newsworthy story they will be pleased to hear from you.

2. New or junior reporters are often especially pleased to receive your call/email as they are encouraged to establish their own primary sources for news.

3. Stay in touch with your contact and try to build a relationship. You might even end up with a column!

4. Your initial contact is effectively a press release. Don’t worry too much about the exact format but it should contain an eye catching headline, an intriguing first couple of sentences and a call to action at the end (e.g., email/call me). 300-400 words max.

5. Especially interesting topics could be awards or unusual orders that your business has won, exceptional company results and your employees (e.g., maybe one of them run a marathon or given birth to triplets?!).

There were many other interesting points made and Steve mentioned he would be posting the call as a podcast on his website soon (see the link above).