I Love Google Reader!

I am loving Google Reader! This little tool is saving me probably 1 hour per day. My research on business opportunities is involving reading a lot of blogs (by the way, a nice one for business Q&A I found recently is Startups.com).  Prior to using Google reader I was – at best – going through my feed list on a daily basis and clicking refresh to check the latest content. At worst, I was visiting every site.  Now I just log into Google Reader and skim through my headlines. If there is anything interesting it is one click to go directly to the underlying site.  I have organised my subscriptions into folders (Business Ideas, Startups, Internet Marketing, Financing, etc). Finally, I love how you can add a subscription to Google News: e.g., just search for “business ideas” in GN, click the RSS icon, copy the URL and paste it into the GR Add Subscription box.  This way you’ll receive all the latest news on this search directly into one place.

Awesome – If you’re not using it already I strongly recommend you get on to it right away!