Business Ideas – Have You Experienced This?

I had a business idea a few years ago to build an e-commerce website selling the goods and services of small businesses that make jewellery, home ware, beauty products, etc. Of course, I did nothing about it thinking – as usual – “probably a bit complicated and maybe it wouldn’t work anyway!” 

The other day I discovered Not On The High Street which is an excellent proposition for customers who like buying unique items and indeed “too-small to be noticed” businesses.  According to this article, co-founder Sophie Cornish has said turnover is expected to grow from £6m to £14m in 2010.  Fantastic! What can I learn from this experience?  I think two main things:-

1) I AM capable of thinking up successful business ideas (this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened!). When I see one of “my” ideas having already been executed I should not feel disheartened but instead feel pleased because it does show that I am on the right track in terms of my thinking.

2) I do not spend enough time developing the initial ideas and instead get put off by the initial challenges it poses. I need to overcome this as this is surely the exact opposite of what an entrepreneur is supposed to be?

You live and learn!