Business Idea Generation

Seeing as I am somewhat short on good business ideas I thought a good way of coming up with some would be to start thinking about idea generation techniques. Rather than lying in the bath waiting for that famous Eureka moment, what market research can I do? 

A big theme seems to be to “transplanting” innovations from one business sector to another. Domino’s applying home delivery to the Pizza market for example.

In a similar way to looking to other industries for inspiration, another angle is to look across geographies. So I guess I should start looking to California to try and replicate innovations in other territories? In the UK & Ireland there are a lot of very successful businesses whose models have been conceived in the United States: Love Film from Netflix, Streetcar from Zipcar and RyanAir from Southwest.  I read an interesting article recently about Alexandra Kelly, founder of Powerchex who was motivated by a similar firm set up in the US which sold for $7m within 3 years.